The Registry, as the hob of administration in the University, has several Units. It is basically saddled with the responsibilities of managing students’ academic activities from admission to convocation and staff welfare from entry to exit. Registry’s scope of work is as wide as it is diverse. Registry is divided into several component Units, which are seamlessly linked and centrally coordinated with a single line of reportage to the Registrar.


To create the right administrative ambience for the tenacious Pursuit of the Core Mandate of LMU as a University aspiring to becoming “a leading world class university, by spearheading an agrarian revolution on the African continent through the exploration of hidden treasures in the mother-earth thereby restoring the dignity of the Black Race”.


The Mission of the Registry is encapsulated in the followings:

•Achieve a smooth and progressive implementation of the goals and objectives of the University through dynamic and strategic planning of operational activities.

•Provide an operational environment that fosters the interplay and the interface between the multifarious processes involved in a knowledge factory.

•Provide information at every operational level to facilitate productive efficiency of all units.

•Help to foster an organizational culture that deploys latest technologies that will minimizes supervisory overhang, i.e. a culture where everyone is encouraged and empowered to do his or her best.

•Making the LMU Community buy fully into the Agricultural Revolution mandate being championed by the University, by creating appropriate synergy between our Agriculture Teaching Endeavours and requisite practical experience.

•Improvement in Staff Motivation towards achieving improved overall Performance of support services base of the university by providing fresh opportunities for improved understanding of the vision of LMU

•Improve on the culture of inclusion through multiplied avenues for deliberation and dissemination of policies ethics, ethos for the crystallization of the LMU culture

•Improved Drive for Students’ Intake and Admission Process

a)Continuous evaluation of Admission criteria b)Work on the feedback from the intake experience c)Engagement of the feedback from the Parents’ stakeholder Platform/Forum

•Assisting in ensuring a Prudent Management of the Resource and Asset Base of LMU through curbing of wastes in all its ramifications and the proper channelling of Resources in line with the aspirations of the Proprietors Platform.


The Registry of Landmark University comprises the following Units:

The Academic Affairs Unit is headed by an Administrative Officer of the University referred to as the Academic Affairs Officer.

Generally, the Academic Affairs Unit is one of the Units which constitute the “backbone” of Registry. It is saddled with matters relating to University Senate, student requests, result and lecture attendance processing and confidential academic verification requests from the external context. Also, the Unit actively participates in academic ceremonies and preparation and conduct of Semester examinations. Landmark University operates a full boarding system, hence the need for the Unit to constantly monitor the number of students on Campus per time.

The Establishment Unit of Registry is headed by a Principal Assistant Registrar (PAR) of the University referred to as the Establishment Officer.

There are fundamental requirements designed towards attainment of organisational goalsand objectives, these are often referred to as factors of production. Manpower has been adjudged the most potent and indispensable of all factors of production due to its intellectual capacity and reasoning ability to manage and control other factors. Peradventure, an incompetent person is engaged to undertake a specific task it may hinder the process of realising the identified corporate goal. The Establishment Unit ensures that “a round peg is put in a round hole” i.e. employing capable or skilful hands to fill the Staff needs of the University. The Unit has the core responsibility of process recruitment of resourceful employees, train and retrain Staff, ensure up-to-date Staff records and see to the general welfare of Staff from the point of entry to exit.

CPA Unit is headed by a Senior Assistant Registrar of the University. As the image builder and information window of Landmark University, to both its internal and external publics, CPA is strategically involved in all the University’s strides towards becoming an institution of global relevance. CPA has the responsibility of charting proactive corporate pathways, which will build and sustain internal and external surge of goodwill for the University.

There is a Central Store under the Registry that oversees the disbursement of materials to various Units and Departments of the University.

The Central Store is headed by an Administrative Officer of the University referred to as the Store Officer.

The Unit is a subset of the General Administration Division of Registry vested with the responsibility of providing mobility for the University administration and ensures that work in the various administrative organs of the University are carried out with dispatch by providing transportation as at when required. The Unit also maintains the University vehicles and advises Management on fueling schedules. The Transport Officer works in concert with the Transport Committee of the University and serves as Secretary to the Committee.

The Transport Unit is headed by an Administrative Officer of the University referred to as the Transport Officer

There is a Purchasing Unit under the Registry that works hand in hand with the Central Purchasing Committee of the University in the procurement of basic materials needed by the different Units and Departments of the University.

The Unit, through the Central Purchasing Committee of the University, coordinates all procurements for the different Units and Departments of the University. The Committee is made up of representations from Departments and Colleges in the University, while the Purchasing Officer serves as the Secretary.

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