Fri. 26th - Fri. 11th October

Payment of fees for the 2019/2020 Academic session (1st Installment:40%)

Mon. 9th September

Welcome Assembly for Staff

Mon. 30th September – Fri. 4th October

Executive Staff Advance/Training and Workshops for Faculty and Staff

Sun. 15th September

Resumption for Fresh Students

Mon 16th – Sat. 21st September

Registration/Orientation for Fresh Students

Mon. 23rd September

Resumption For Returning Students

Mon. 23rd September

Welcome Assembly for All Students

Mon. 23rd - 28th September

Registration for Returning students

Tue. 24th September

Lecture starts for both Returning and Fresh Students

Mon. 30th September - Fri. 4th October

Late Registration

Wed. 25th September

Lecture starts for fresh students

Thurs. 26th September

Senate Business Meeting

Fri. 27th September

Senate Meeting

Mon. 30th September

Final Year Project Begins

Mon. 14th - Fri. 18th October

Continuous Assessment (CA I)-Lecture continues during this period

Mon. 21st October

Excursion for Biochemistry and Microbiology Programmes

Mon. 28th October - Sat. 2nd November

Orientation for Fresh Students

Wed. 23rd October - Wed. 30th November

Payment of fees for 2019/2020 Academic Session (2nd Installment:20%)

Wed. 23rd October

Excursion for Computer Science Students

Mon. 4th - Fri. 8th November

Mid-semester Tests (CA II)/ Course Evaluation Exercise

Fri. 8th November

Excursion for Electrical and Information Engineering Programme

Fri. 8th - Sat. 9th 

World Science Day (CPAS)

Wed. 13th November

Excursion for Chemical and Agric. and Biosystems Engineering Programmes

Fri. 15th November (Tentative)

9th Matriculation Ceremony

Wed. 20th November

Excursion for Mechanical and Civil Engineering Programmes

Thurs. 21st November

Excursion for Physics, Mathematics and Industrial Chemistry Programmes

Tue. 26th November

Senate Business Committee Meeting

Thur. 28th November

Senate Meeting

Tue. 3rd - Sat 7th December

Shiloh Period

Mon. 2nd - Fri. 6th December

Continuous Assessment (CA III)

Sun 8th December

Praise Jamboree/Christmas Carol

Fri. 13th December

Students' Closing Assembly for Christmas Break

Sat. 14th December

Departure of all students

Thur. 19th December

Faculty and staff closing assembly for Christmas break

Sun. 5th January 2020

Resumption for all Faculty, Staff and Students

Wed. 15th January 2020

6th Inaugural Lecture/Public Lecture

Wed 8th - Wed. 15th January

Revision for Alpha Semester Examinations

Mon. 20th January - Fri. 7th February 2020

Alpha Semester Examinations

Tue. 25th February 2020

Departmental Board Meeting for consideration of Alpha Semester Examination Results

Thur. 27th February 2020

College Board Meeting for consideration of Alpha Semester Examination Results

Mon. 2nd March 2020

Senate Business Meeting for consideration of Alpha Semester Examination Results

Thur. 5th March 2020

Senate Meeting for consideration of Alpha Semester Examination Results

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