The Department offers four-year Accounting, and Banking and Finance programmes leading to the award of a Bachelor of Science Degree. Each programme is distinctly designed to impart both classical and modern financial, entrepreneurial and management training that produces students who are skilled in socioeconomic issues, trades, fiscal and taxation policies, auditing and banking. It also encourages and trains students through extramural classes to pass ICAN and IBM examinations, so as to become chartered before graduation


  • To provide basic knowledge and skills needed for demystifying and analyzing problems related to banking/finance in any organizational setting.
  • To equip students with logical skills needed for decision making on challenging issues of finance.
  • To prepare the students for the world of work whether in the industry, academia or public service.
  • To expand the scope of the disciplines of Accounting, Taxation Accounting Entrepreneurship & Financial Studies as major ingredients of global economic development.
  • To inculcate high moral standards, character, ethical practices and discipline required to stabilize Accounting profession in Nigeria.
  • To promote entrepreneurial orientation among students.