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He started his primary education in Ogotun Ekiti in late 60s, but later proceeded to Ibadan where he obtained his Primary Leaving Certificate in 1974. He attended Oduduwa College Ile-Ife from 1975-1980 for my West Africa School Certificate. He also attended University of Ilorin from 1982-1987 where he obtained B.AGRIC, University of Ado-Ekiti 2000-2004 for Masters degree in Plant Breeding and Genetics. He finally proceeded to University Ilorin, in 2007-2014 for the award of Ph.D degree. He taught in various Secondary School in Ekiti State , and also facilitated in National Open University, Ado-Ekiti center before joining Landmark University as a lecturer in year 2014.

(i.) O.B. Bello, M.S. Afolabi, S.A. Ige, S.Y.Abdulmaliq, M.A Azeez, J. Mahmud. (2011). Yield response of diallelic crossed maize (Zea mays L.) genotypes to varying nitrogen regimes in Nigeria. Journal of. Biological  Sciences. 19: 43-52.

(ii) Omolaran B. Bello, Odunayo J. Olawuyi, Musibau A. Azeez, Mohammed Lawal, Suleiman Y Abdumaliq, Micheal Afolabi, Sunday A. Ige and Jimoh Mohammed. Genotypic Variation In Endosperm Protein, Lysine And Tryptophan Contents Of Normal Extra-Early Maize Cultivars And Their Quality Protein Hybrids Under Nitrogen Stress And Non-Stress Environments. Journal of Research (Science), Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan. Vol. 22-23, Nos. 1-4 January-October 2011-12, pp. 27-48

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(iv.). O.B. Bello, F. Oluleye, J. Mahamood, M.S. Afolabi, M.A. Azeez, S.A. Ige, S.Y . Abdulmaliq. Nutritional and agronomic evaluation of quality protein maize in the southern Guinea Savanna of Nigeria. Scholarly Journal of Agricultural Science Vol.2(3).pp.52-61,March 2012. 

(v.). O.B. Bello, M.A. Azeez, S.Y. Abdulmaliq, S.A. Ige, J. Mohamood, F. Oluleye, M.S, Afolabi.  Yield and disease reactions of quality protein maize varieties in the southern Guinea Savanna agro-ecology of Nigeria. Scholarly Journal of Agricultural Science Vol.2(3).pp.32-41,March 2012.

(vi.) O.B. Bello, J. Mahamood, M.S. Afolabi, M.A. Azeez, S.A. Ige, S.Y. Abdulmaliq, F. Oluleye. Biochemical analysis and grain yield characteristics of quality protein maize in the Guinea Savanna of Nigeria. World Research Journal of Biochemistry, Vol 1, Issue 1, 2012.pp-11-19.

(vii..) O.B., Bello, Ige, S. A., Abdulmaliq, S. Y., Afolabi, M. S. (2013). Interrelationship and path coefficient analysis of morpho-physiological traits among maize (Zea mays L.) diallelic crosses in the southern Guinea savanna of  Nigeria. Published by Contemporary Agriculture, 62(3-4): 255-265. The Serbian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Serbia, Europe.  

(viii.). O.B. Bello1, J. Mahamood, M.S. Afolabi, M.A. Azeez , S.A. Ige and S.Y. Abdulmaliq. Evaluation of biochemical and yield attributes of quality protein maize (Zea mays L.) in Nigeria. Tropical. Agric. (Trinidad) Vol. 90 No. 4 October 2013.

(ix) Omolaran B. Bello, Odunayo J. Olawuyi, Sunday A. Ige, Jimoh Mahamood, Micheal S. Afolabi, Musibau A. Azeez and Suleiman Y. Abdulmaliq. AGRO-Nutritional Variations Of Quality Protein Maize (Zea Mays L.) In Nigeria. Journal of Agricultural Sciences Vol. 59, No. 2, 2014 Pages 101-116.



(i) CRP 321: Crop Genetics and Introductory Breeding

(ii) FPT 434:  Processing and Storage of Farm Products

(iii) CRP 523: Weed Science and Control

(iv) CRP 527: Seed Production and Certification

(v) CRP 526: Plant Breeding


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