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Physical Sciences


Dec. 2011 – till date: Landmark University, Omu Aran, Kwara State. ( Lecturer II)

Aug. 2012: University of Ilorin Sandwich programme.(Lecturer)

2003 – 2011: Chapel Secondary School, Ilorin, Kwara state (Further Mathematic and Mathematic Instructor)

2001 – 2003: Kinsey Academy,Ilorin. (Further Mathematic and Mathematics Instructor).

2000 – 2001: Government Junior Secondary School,Lambu,Tofa,Kano State (Mathematic Instructor and Examination Officer)

1994-1995: Christian Enterprise,SW 29,TBS.Lagos (Circulation Office)

  • Fadipe-Joseph O.A.,MOSES B.O.,and Opoola T.O (2015).Multivalence of Bessel function.International Electronic Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics.9 (2) ,95-104.
  • Fadipe-Joseph O.A.,Afolabi Y.O.,and MOSES B.O. (2015). Coefficient Estimate for New Subclass Ma-Minda Bi-starlike function.Journal of Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics.Vol 31,1-8
  • Fadipe-Joseph O.A.,Afolabi Y.O.;and MOSES B.O. (2015). Coefficient Inequalities for a class of Harmonic function.Gulf Journal of Mathematics. Vol1,1-13
  • Oladipo A.T.,Fadipe-Joseph O.A.,and MOSES B.O. (2014).On a new subclass of uniformily analytic functions associated with q-analogue of Dziok-Srivastava operator.Far East Journal of Mathematical Sciences.89 (2),153-167.
  • Adebimpe O.A..MOSES B.O.,and Okoro O.J.(2014).Global Stability Analysis of a SEIR Epedemic Model with Saturation and Incidence Rate.International Journal of Mathematical Sciences.ISSN;2051-5995,34(1).
  • James A.A.,Lasode A.O. and MOSES B.O.(2012). Geometric conditions for starlikeness and convexity of univalent functions.IOSR Journal of Mathematics.ISSN:2278- 5728.

Fadipe-Joseph O.A. MOSES B.O, Oluwayemi M.O. (2016) Certain  new classes  of  analytic functions defined by using sigmoid function, Advance. in Mathematics Scientific Journal,5 no.1, 8389 ISSN 1857-8365

§ MAT 418 – Complex Analysis II

§ MAT 333 – Real Analysis III

§ MAT 316 – Vector Analysis

§ MAT 312 – Complex Analysis I

§ MAT 214– Linear Algebra

§ MAT 221 – Real Analysis II

§ MAT 211 – Real Analysis I

§ MAT 121 – Calculus

§ MAT 122 – Vector Algebra

§ MAT 111 – Algebra

§ MAT 131 – Algebra for Agric

§ Ph.D. Mathematics Dec. 2015

Bessel function in Geometric function theory

§ M.Sc. (Hons) Mathematics. 2008

Coefficients conditions for starlikeness and convexityof function

Univalent in the unit disk/s

§ B.Sc.(Ed) (Hons) Mathematics, 2000

§ West Africa SchoolCertificate 1992

§ First School Leaving Certificate. 

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