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Oloni, E.F was born on June, 2nd 1956. She attended L.A primary School, 1961-1966 in Ifon, Ondo State. She attended Ekamarun Grammar school, Ifon, 1970-1974. She then did her higher school certificate at The Polytechic Ibadan (1974-1976). She got admission to the University of Ilorin, in 1977 where she got a B.Sc. (Economics) in 1980. She served he National Youth service in Niger State in 1980/1981. She then proceded to work with Ondo state Government from 1981-1984. She joined the industry in 1984 where she worked till 2003 when she went to further her education. she joined the University of Ilorin as part-time cordinator of their sandwich programme/ assistant lecturer in their institute of EducationShe obtained her master degree in Economics in 2006 and Ph.D. in 2012. She joined Ajayi Crowther in 2012 on the position of Lecturer 2. in 2012 december, she got promoted to the position of a senior lecturer.

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ECN 209: Labour Economics

ECN 214: Monetary Economics

ECO 329: Computer Application

ECO 316: Financial Economics

ECO 416: Economics of Production

ECO 426: Advanced Mathematical Economics

ECO 345: Mathematics for Economists

ECO 325: Applied Statistics

Data Processing and Managment System. (University of Ilorin, Nigeria).

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