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Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering


Dr. Okunola Abiodun Afolabi started his career as an Assistant Lecturer in Federal College of Agriculture, Akure, Nigeria on 3rd June, 1988 after completing the National Youth Service during 1986 / 87 batch in Cross River State of Nigeria. He lectured severally in various Agricultural Engineering courses in the College and also served as Pioneer Head of the Agricultural Engineering Department as well as member of the Management Committee. Further to the B. Sc. Degree in Agricultural Engineering, he possessed a Post Graduate Certificate in Agricultural Education in July, 1990 from Woverhampton University, England. Afterwards he obtained a Masters’ degree in Agricultural Engineering in 1991 as well as a doctoral degree in 2011 both from University of Ibadan, Nigeria with specialization in Crop Processing Engineering. He rose through the rank to a Principal Lecturer before transferring my service to Landmark University, Omu Aran, Nigeria as a Senior Lecturer on 1st December, 2014 though have render service on Sabbatical and Visiting Lecturer since September, 2012.

As a lecturer, research, teaching and supervision of undergraduate and post graduate students in Crop and Livestock Farm Mechanization, Crop Processing and Storage Engineering as well as Bio Processing Engineering has been done with several publications and referred conference papers internationally.

A Registered Engineer with Council of Registered Engineers of Nigeria and also member to several professional bodies such as American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, African Crop Science Society, Nigerian Institution of Agricultural Engineers and Nigerian Society of Engineers among others.


Ph. D Thesis Development of a cleaning and grading machine to improve the quality of    milled rice ( Oryza sativa L). University of Ibadan, Ibadan. 2011. 251 pp

M.Sc. Dissertation: Equilibrium moisture content of some tropical agricultural crops. University of Ibadan, Ibadan. 1991. 94 pp

B.Sc. Project: Design and construction of a cereal cleaner. University of Ibadan, Ibadan. 1986. 76 pp

Adewumi, B. A: Okunola, A. A, Adewumi O.O., B.O. Ajayi and Owoeye, O.   C. 2006. Design and preliminary Testing of a milking machine for small ruminants.         

 Journal of Rural Technolgy.2 (6): 241 - 246.

Okunola, A. A. and Igbeka J. C. 2007  Water Sorption characteristics of  Plantain and Sweet Potato. Journal of Food Technology. 5(1):18 - 22,      


 Okunola A. A. , B. A. Adewumi and O. W. Faseyi 2007. Large scale grain storage structures and their management in the humid part of Nigeria. NSE Technical Transactions 42 (4) 31 – 40.

 Ajayi A. E., Dias Junior, M. S., Curi, N., Okunola, A. A., Terteria Souza, T .T.  and Silva Pires, B. 2010 Assessment of vulnerability of oxisols to compaction in the Cerrado region of Brazil. Pedosphere 20(2): 252- 260

 Okunola A.A. , J. C. Igbeka and C. O. Okunola, 2011 Comparison of water sorption characteristics of cocoyam and sweet potato in a stimulated storage environment, Journal of Food Science and Hospitality. Nigeria. 2(1) 56 - 62.

 Adepoju T.. F. and Okunola A. A. 2013. Statistical Approach to Oils Extraction from Sorrel Seed (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) and Its Quality Characterization International Journal of Scientific and Engineering ResearchVol.4 (9): 1373 - 1383

Adepoju T.. F. and Okunola A. A. 2013 SOME: An Alternative Environment- friendly Internal Combustion Engine fuel. International Journal of Scientific and Engineering ResearchVol.4(9): 1360 - 1372

Adepoju T.. F., Okunola A. A. and O. Olamide 2013 Optimization, kinetic degradation and quality characterization of oil extracted from Nigerian Hibiscus sabdariffa oilseeds.  Journal of Energy Technologies and Policy Vol.3 (9) 43-54.

 Adepoju T.. F. and Okunola A. A. and O.S. Dahunsi 2013 Experimental Investigation of Sand box Biodiesel performance in an internal Combustion Engine. International Journal of Engineering Research and TechnologyVol.2 (11) 3833 – 3855.

Adepoju T.. F. and Okunola A. A. and O.S. Dahunsi 2013 Transeterification optimization of Neem (Acadirachia Indica) oil to Biodiesel and it’s emission characterization International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology Vol.2 (11) 3856 – 3875

Adepoju T. F., Ojediran and Okunola A. A. 2013 An optimization approach to oil extraction from Chrysophyllum Albidium oilseeds and its quality characterization. International Journal of Inovative Research and Studies Vol.2 (10) 56 -71..

Adepoju T.F., Olamide O., Okunola, A. A. and Olatunji F.M. 2014. Solvent extraction of oil from soursop oilseed and its quality characterization. International Journal of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Research. Vol 3 (2) 80 – 89.

Okunola A. A. and Adepoju, T. F. 2015. Modeling and optimization of extraction of oil from sesamum indricum seeds: A case of Response Surface Methodology vs. Artificial Neural Network. International Journal of Chemistry and Materials Research Vol. 3 (2) 41 – 52.


Adepoju T. F and Okunola A. A.. 2015, Modelling and Optimisation of transesterification of Beniseed methyl ester. A case of Artificial Neural Network versus Response Surface Methodology, International Journal of chemical and process engineering research Vol. 2 (3) 30 – 43.

Okunola, A. A., J. C. Igbeka and Arisoyin A. G. 2015. Development and evaluation of a cereal cleaner. Journal of Multidisciplinary Engineering Science and Technology Vol.2 (6) 1587 – 1593.

Adejumo A.O.D., Okunola A. A. and Komolafe, C.A. 2015. Performance Characteristics of a decorticator on a Jatropha seed. Journal of Multidisciplinary Engineering Science and Technology Vol.2 (5) 1226 – 1231.

Okunola, A. A., J. C. Igbeka. C.O. Okunola and J.O. Ojediran. 2015. Comparison of water adsorption characteristics of plantain and cocoyam in a controlled storage condition. Journal of Food Science and Quality Management Vol.43; 7 - 13.

i. Farm Workshop (ABE 317)

ii Introduction to Farm Machinery (ABE 241)

iii Introduction to Crop Production (ABE 314)

iv. Total Man Concepts (TMC 211,311 & 411)

v. Design, analysis and management of Storage Structures (ABE 413)

vi. Handling of Agricultural and Biological Materials (ABE 522)

vii. Bio Process Engineering (ABE 533)

viii. Farm Transportation (ABE 426)

ix. Food Engineering (ABE 417)

x. Technical Communications (GEC 324)


i. Registered Engineer, (Council For The Regulation Of Engineering in Nigeria) R. 5097 November, 1992

ii. Certified Teacher, (Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria) No OD/T/00132 June 2007

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