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B.Tech. Microbiology; M.Sc., Applied Microbiology & Plant Pathology;

PhD (Applied Microbiology); AIMLS (Medical Virology).

Ndako James Ajigasokoa is a versatile, motivated and efficient Academic with a wide span research career in the field of Medical Laboratory sciences with special emphasis in the field of Medical Microbiology. He had his Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) degree in Microbiology from FUT Minna in 1997 and later proceeded for his Master’s degree program in Applied Microbiology and plant Pathology, from the University of Jos in 2008. He obtained his PhD degree in Applied Microbiology with special interest in Epidemiology and public health Microbiology in 2016. Ndako James has over forty publications in local and international Journals. He was among the five faculties from Landmark University nominated as goggle scholar of the year 2015.Ndako strongly desires to build a highly skilled research base on the precise and accurate diagnosis of HEPATITIS B VIRUS (HBV) within and outside the Nigerian context based on current best practices as obtained in renowned Hepatology based research Laboratories. It is interesting to know that and he work well within a team but also perform excellently well with individual responsibilities. His objective is to provide quality service in a caring and professional manner and support any given outlined goals, objectives and mission with regard to his institutional development plan. Ndako James Ajigasokoa holds a professional training certificate in Medical Virology with a special research interest in Viral Hepatitis.

1. James A. Ndako, Georgebest O Echeonwu, Nathaniel N Shidali, Iliyasu A Bichi, Grace A. Paul, Ema Onovoh, and Lilian A Okeke. (2009). Occurrence of Hepatitis C Virus infection in type 2 diabetic patients attending Plateau state specialist hospital Jos Nigeria. Virology Journal 6:98 doi: 10.1186/1743-422X-6-98.

2. Atanda O. Olabode, James A. Ndako, Georgebest O.N. Echeonwu , Obinna O. Nwankiti, Anthony A. Chukwuedo.(2010).Use of cracked maize as a carrier for NDV4 vaccine in experimental vaccination of chickens Virology Journal, 7:67.

3. J. A. Ndako, O. A. Olabode, G. O. N. Echeonwu, J. Chukwuekezie, C. C. Ebo and E. A. Salihu (2010). Occurrence of antibodies against hepatitis C virus (HCV) among alcoholics. African Journal of Biotechnology. Vol. 9(52):8908-8912.ISSN 1684–5315.

4. Ndako James A, Echeonwu Georgebest O N, Olabode Atanda O., Nwankiti Obinna O, Aimakhu Sarah O, Onovoh Ema M, Chukwuekezie John, Banda Jim M and Paul Grace A.(2010). Seroprevalence of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (HBsAg) among Children of Primary School Age in a Community, North-Central, Nigeria. Sierra Leone Journal of Biomedical Research, Vol. 2 (1) :32-37 ISSN 2076-6270.

5. J.A.Ndako, O.O.Nwankiti, E.M Onovoh, A.M.Adekeye T.P.Choji M.U.Alesa and A.J.Alarape. (2011). Screening response to Hepatitis C Virus antibodies among Diabetic patients attending UITH Nigeria, Current Research Journal of Biological Sciences,3(6): 542-546 ISSN: 2041-0778.

6. James A Ndako, Obinna O Nwankiti, Georgebest O Echeonwu, Junaid Suraj A, Onyeka Anaele and Tiri J. (2011).Anthony.Studies on Prevalence and Risk Factors for Hepatitis B Surface Antigen among Secondary School Students in North-central, Nigeria. Sierra Leone Journal of Biomedical Research, Vol. 3(3):163-168.

7. James A Ndako, Obinna O Nwankiti, Georgebest O Echeonwu, Junaid Suraj A, Onyeka Anaele and Tiri J. (2011).Anthony.Studies on Prevalence and Risk Factors for Hepatitis B Surface Antigen among Secondary School Students in North-central, Nigeria. Sierra Leone Journal of Biomedical Research, Vol. 3(3):163-168.

8. James A. Ndako, George-Best O.N. Echeonwu,Obinna O Nwankiti,Emamuzou M. Onovoh,Alloysius UJah, Nathaniel N. Shidali, Patrick A. Ikani. (2012).Sero-survey of Hepatitis B surface antigen amongst pregnant women attending Infectious Disease Hospital Bayara- Bauchi, Nigeria. Microbiology Research Journal, Vol.3:e10:42-45 Doi:10.4081/mr.2012.e10.

9. Ndako, J.A, Osemwegie, O.O, Spencer T.H.I, Olopade, B.O Yunusa, G.A, and Banda,J. (2012). Prevalence of Dermatophytes and other associated Fungi among school children) Global Advanced Research Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences Vol. 1(3):049-056.

10.Ndako, James A.,Yahaya,Amina.,Amira, Josephine O., Olaolu, Debby T.,Akande, Tabitha. (2013). Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Infection among Alcoholic Consumers at a Local Community, North East Nigeria. Journal of Natural Sciences Research.3 (13):23-29

1. Ndako, James A., Onwuliri, Edith A., Banda, Jim M., Dahunsi, S.O., Dojumo, Temitope V. (2016). Distribution of HBs Antigenaemia in pregnant women-A community based epidemiological studies. Journal of Health, Medicine and Nursing. Vol.24 (2016)1-7. ISSN 2422-8419

2. J.A. Ndako, F.C.Onwuliri, J.M.Banda, O.O.Alejolowo, V.Fajobi, D.O.Olapade.(2016).Risk Factors and Prevalence of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (HBsAg) Among Apparently Healthy Volunteers in an Urban Setting, North-central Nigeria. International Journal of Science. Vol.5(3):9-15 DOI: 10.18483/ijSci.958; Online ISSN: 2305-3925; Print ISSN: 2410-4477

3. Ndako,James.A., Onwuliri,Festus C.,Olopade, Bunmi K., Dahunsi, Samuel O., Olaolu, Debby T.,.Awakan, Josephine O, Ohiobor, Gladys O. (2015). Incidence of urinary tract infection among subjects in Omuaran community South-west, Nigeria. Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering and Applied Sciences (JETEAS).Vol.6:4. Article Reference Number: Ref/JETEAS/0415/003; Accepted Date: 26th October, 2015.

BLY 119 Practical Biology I

BLY 129 Practical Biology II

BCH 212 Introductions to Physical Biochemistry

MCB 211 General Microbiology

BCH 221 Biomolecules II

BCH 222 General Aspects of Metabolism

BCH 224 Introductory Molecular Biology.

MCB 315 Bacteriology


MCB 317 Immunology

MCB 318 Introductory Virology I

MCB 413 Food Microbiology

MCB 414 Epidemiology and Public Health Microbiology.

MCB 415 Microbial Genetics and Molecular Biology

MCB 423 General and Systemic Virology.

MCB 421 Pharmaceutical Microbiology

Associate member of the Medical Laboratory science council of Nigeria with specialty in Medical Virology.

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