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Agricultural Economics and Extension


Dr Kolawole was born in Ilasa Ekiti, Ekiti State on the 20th October, 1965. He had his elementary school in Kpege Primary School Mokwa, Between 1972 and 1979. Dr Kolawole attended Ode High School Ode Ekiti between 1979 and 1980 and later went to Aisegba Community Grammar School Aisegba Ekiti where he completed his secondary education in 1984. He proceeded to the Divisional College of Agriculture Samaru Zaria in 1986 for a diploma in Agricultural Mechanisation. Dr Kolawole later attended the premier University, The university of Ibadan for a Bsc. degree in Agricultural Extension between 1987 and 1992. He joined the Ekiti State ministry of Education as a classroom teacher in 1995, and worked for a year before embarking on another academic voyage that got him a Masters Degree in Agricultural Extension in 1998 from the University of Ibadan.  Dr Kolawole later capped his academic pursuit  up with a PhD in Agricultural Extension from Kinki University, Nara Japan in 2012. He did a postdoctoral fellowship in North West University, Mafikeng Mmabatho South Africa.  Prior to his PhD Dr kolawole has been a social Scientist on Hirose Project a Japan international Research organisation with the mandate of actualising a West African Rice Green Revolution and the creation of Africa Satoyama systems through Sawah eco-technology in Nigeria And Ghana between 2009 and 2012. He also worked with ABUCONS, a subsidiary of the Institute of Agricultural Research Mokwa, Niger State.        

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Kolawole E. A.; Isitor S. U. and A. O. Owolabi (2016).  Determinants of training needs of extension personnel of Agricultural Development Programme (ADP) Ekiti State, Nigeria. Journal of Tropical Agriculture, Food Environment and Extension vol. 15.(3) 13-17


Olasehinde T. S. Shitu G. A. and Kolawole E. A. (2018). Driver factors of climate change household perception in Southwest, Nigeria: An application of interaction probit model.  Asian journal multidisciplinary studies. Vol 6(1) 2348-7186.  












Fabiyi E.F and Kolawole E. A An Analysis of Youth participation in agriculture in Irepodun Local Government Area of Kwara State ( Final editing of manuscript in preparation for submission to a journal)

2.Obaniyi K.S, Kolawole E.A and Fabiyi E. F Comparative analysis of indigenous and modern adaptation and mitigation strategies to climate change among cocoa farmers in Southwest, Nigeria ( manuscript in the final editing stage for submission to a journal)

3.Kolawole E. A, Ajala A. Adigun and Olajide-Taiwo Information seeking behavior and use by lowland rice farmers in Ekiti State. (Data collection)

4.Kolawole E. A and Ogunlade I Gender participation in dry season vegetable farming in Irepodun Local Government Area of Kwara State ( designing questionnaire for data collection)

5. Fabiyi E.F, Olajide-Taiwo L.O, Adeyonu A.G and Kolawole E.A Farmers’ perceived benefits and dangers of agrochemical use in Kwara State ( data analysis and manuscript write up in progress)

6. Olajide-Taiwo, L.O, Adeyonu A.G, Kolawole E. A and Fabiyi E.F Socio economic factors influencing the use of agrochemicals by crop farmers in Kwara State. ( data analysis and manuscript write up in progress)


Extension organization Management and Supervision ( AED 512)

2. Production and use of Audio-Visual Aids (AED 513)

3. Diffusion and adoption of innovation (AED525)

4. Rural and Environmental sociology (AED 526)

5. Philosophy, objectives and Principles of Agricultural Extension (AED 211)


1. Community development in Agricultural Extension EXTM (400 and 500 level Agricultural Economics and Extension Students)

2. Research Methodology in Agricultural Extension (EXTM 321) (300 level and final year diploma Students)

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