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1 Umunnabuike, A. C., Irokanulo, E. A. O. (1986). Isolation of Campylobacter fetus subsp. Jejuni from Oriental and American Cockroaches caught in kitchen and poultry houses in Vom - Nigeria. International Journal of Zoonoses 532, 180 - 186.

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1 Charles Obiora Nwonuma, Emenike Onyebum Irokanulo, Adeyemi Eunice Jolaiya,

Ayokanmi Ore (2015) Effect of Aqueous Leaf Extract of Annona senegalensis on Selected Testicular

Function Indices of Wistar Rats. American Journal of Life Sciences 3(3): 203-212


2Charles Obiora Nwonuma 1*, Emenike Onyebum Irokanulo1, Owa Olugbenga Stephen1 Ucheabba

Destinee Esther1 (2015). Protective Potentials of Brown Chicken Eggshell against Potassium

Bromate Effect on Testicular Functional Indices in Wistar Rats. American Journal of BioScience

Courses taught: Cell Biology (BLY 112)

Introductory Genetics and Evolution (BLY 211)

Bacteriology (MCB 315)

Immunology (MCB 317)

Medical and Veterinary Microbiology (MCB 412)

Epidemiology and Public Health (MCB 414)

Microbiological Quality Control (MCB 416)

Pharmaceutical Microbiology (MCB 421)

Pathogenic Mycology (MCB 425)

Soil Microbiology (MCB 424)

Supervision of Seminar and Original Essay (MCB 411)

Supervision of Student Research Project 1 (MCB 417)

Fellow of the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria (FMLSCN)

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