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Henry Inegbedion was born on 19th January, 1965 at Ekpoma in Edo state. He obtained his primary school leaving certificate from Uendova primary school Ekpoma in 1976 and proceeded to Edo College Benin City where he obtained his West African School Certificate (WASC) and Higher School Certificate (HSC) in 1981 and 1984 respectively. He obtained a B Sc. in Statistics from University of Nigeria, Nsukka in 1990, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from University of Benin in 2000, a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) from Benson Idahosa University in 2007, a Master of Science (M Sc.) in Operations Management from University of Benin in 2008 and a Ph. D in Business Administration from University of Benin in 2015. Henry Inegbedion taught at the secondary school level in the service of Edo state Post Primary Education Board from 1992-2014 before joining Landmark University in December, 2014.


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3. Inegbedion, H.E. (2012). Efficient market hypothesis and the Nigerian capital market, Saarbrucken, Germany: Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, GmbH & Co. KG. ISBN 978-3-8484-3248-6

Journal Articles

4. Henry Inegbedion (2015). Grievance resolution procedures and employee commitment in unionized and non-unionized organizations: The viewpoint from below. Certified National Accountant, 23 (4), 47-54.

5. Sunday C Eze and Henry Inegbedion (2015). Key Factors influencing Academic Performance of International Students’ in UK Universities: a Preliminary Investigation. British Journal of Education 3(5), 55-68

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18. Inegbedion, H.E. (2008). Parental income group and students’ academic performance in Edo State Secondary Schools, Calabar: Duncan Science Journals.

Conference Proceeding (s)

1. Inegbedion, H.E & Atole, F.E. (2011). Corruption as a major constraint to education resources management in Nigeria. A paper presented at the Biennial Conference on engineering, science, technology and management research initiative; Usen: Edo state institute of technology and management.

1. Outsourcing of Human Resources Functions and Organizational Competitiveness in Nigeria. Sokoto Journal of Social Sciences (Accepted for Publication)

2. Credit risk management and the financial performance of Banks in Nigeria. Africa Finance Journal (Accepted for Presentation at the 2016 International Conference)

3. Overloading Costs and Optimum replacement time of vehicle fleets in the Nigerian Transport Sector. Emerald Online Information Review(Under Review)

4. Policy Improvement and Rewards from Cassava Farming in Nigeria. Emerald Online Information Review(Under Review)

5. Harnessing Creativity and Innovation for Industrial Growth and Development. Thunderbird International Business Review (Wiley) (Under Review)

6. A model of vehicle replacement time with overloading costs constraints. Journal of Management Analytics. (Taylor Francis) (Under review)

7. Factors that Influence Customers' Attitude towards Electronic Banking In Nigeria. Journal of Management Analytics. (Taylor Francis) (Under review)

8. Factors that influence consumers’ attitude towards internet buying in Nigeria. Journal of Internet Commerce (Taylor and Francis). (Under review)

CBS 111 – Mathematics for Business and   Social Sciences I (3)

CBS 211 – Mathematics for Business and Social Sciences II (3)

Bus 314 – Production Management (3)

Bus 416 – Feasibility Report and Project Analysis (2)

Bus 418 – Practical Business Analysis (2)

CBS 121- Statistics for Business and Social Sciences I (3)

CBS 221 – Statistics for Business and Social Sciences II (3)

Bus 321 – Statistical Methods and Application for Business (1)

Bus 324 – Introduction to Computer Application (3)

Bus 327 – Research Methodology (3)

Bus 426 – Project Evaluation

Bus 428 – World Resources and Business

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Post Graduate Diploma in Education

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