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Chemical Engineering


Fakinle Bamidele Sunday obtained his Ph.D and MSc. from the department of Chemical Engineering, Obafemi Awolowo University, his undergradute program was at the department of Chemical and Polymer Engineering, Lagos State University. He is a registered Engineer and is area of specialization is in Air Pollution monitoring, management and control.

1. Fakinle, B.S., Sonibare, J.A., Akeredolu, F.A., Okedere, O.B., and Jimoda, L.A. (2013) Toxicity Potential of Particulates in the Airshed of Haulage Vehicle Park. Global Nest Journal. 15(4): 466-473

2.  Okedere, O.B., Sonibare, J.A., Fakinle, B.S., and Jimoda, L.A. (2013). Usefulness of Particulate Cyclone in Air Pollution Control. Emerald Management of Environmental Quality. 24(6): 771-781

3.  Jimoda, L.A., Adeniran, J.A., Fakinle, B. S., and Sonibare, J. A. (2013). Particle Counts and Size Distributions in Local Garri Processing Environment. Innovative Design and Engineering. 4(9)     

4.  Sonibare, J.A., Adeniran, J.A., Fakinle, B.S., Latinwo, I.O., Jimoda, L.A., and Olu-Arotiowa, O.A. (2014) Ambient Noise from Off-Grid Diesel Engines Electric Power Generators in an Urban Environment. Emerald Management of Environmental Quality: An International Journal.

5.  L.A. Jimoda, S.O. Olatunji, J.A. Adeniran, B.S. Fakinle and J.A. Sonibare (2014) Atmospheric Loadings of Lead from Refined Petroleum Products Consumption in Southwestern Nigeria. Petroleum Science and Technology. Taylor and Francis. 2:2921-2929

6.   O.B. Okedere, J.A. Sonibare, B.S. Fakinle and L.A. Jimoda (2014) Effects of Cone Inclination and Height on Cyclone Pressure Drop and Power Requirement. Journal of the Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineers. 29(1): 89-96

7.   O.S. Olatunji, L.A. Jimoda, B.S. Fakinle, J.A. Adeniran and J.A. Sonibare (2015) Total Sulphur Levels in Refined Petroleum Products of Southwestern Nigeria Using UV/VIS Spectrophotometer. Petroleum Science and Technology. Taylor and Francis. 33: 102 – 109

8.   L.A. Jimoda, J.A. Sonibare, B.S. Fakinle, J.A. Adeniran, F.A. Akeredolu and O. Seriki (2015) Impact of Airport Activities on Local Scale Air Quality. International Journal of Current Research and Academic Review. 2: 102 – 111

9.   S.O Olatunji, B.S. Fakinle, L. A. Jimoda, J.A. Adeniran and A.J. Adesanmi (2015) Air Emissions of Sulphur Dioxide from Gasoline and Diesel Consumption in the Southwestern States of Nigeria. Petroleum Science and Technology. Taylor and Francis. 33: 678 – 685

10.  O. B. Okedere, B.S. Fakinle and J. A. Sonibare (2015) Ground Level Concentrations of Hydrocarbon Emissions from Diesel Fuelled Electric Power Generators. Global Nest Journal

A. J. Adesanmi, J. A. Adeniran, L. A. Jimoda, B. S. Fakinle and J. A. Sonibare (2015) Ground level Concentration of some Air Pollutants from Nigeria Thermal Power Plants. Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects. Taylor and Francis

Alpha Semester

Course Code and Title
i. GEC 210Engineering Mathematics I
ii.CHE 310Chemical Engineering Process Analysis I
iii.CHE 412Chemical Engineering Laboratory III

iv.CHE 517Industrial Hazard and Environmental Pollution
v.CHE 518Introduction to Polymer Engineering & Processing
vi.CHE 513Chemical Engineering Process Design I

Omega Semester

Course Code and Title
i.CHE 322Chemical Engineering Laboratory
ii.CHE 523Chemical Engineering Process Design II

1. Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, September, 2015

2. M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, July, 2011

3. B.Sc. in Chemical and Polymer Engineering, March, 2007

4. West African School Leaving Certificate, June, 1996

5. Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria, December, 2013 (R.26, 400)

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