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Dr Modupe B. Ake obtained her PhD degree in Political Science from the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria,Nigeria. Her Prior Positions include Chief Administrative Officer/Head of Department Human Resources Management of the National Directorate of employment, Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity. She is currently a lecturer at the Department of Political Science and International Relations. Her area of specialization includes Public Policy, Public Administration, Personnel Management, Governance and Gender Studies.  She Supervises undergraduates and final year students’ research projects. She is the Departmental Post-Graduate Co-ordinator, University Wide Course, and Supervisor for Entrepreneurial Development Studies.

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1. Ake, Modupe & Olakunle Olowojolu (2016). Governance and the Challenges of Leadership in Nigeria. International journal of Politics and Good governance( IJOPAGG)Volume VII, No 7.1  Quarter 1.

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1. Introduction to Public Administration.

2. History of Europe.

3. Contemporary Political Analysis.

4. Inter-Governmental Relations

5. Middle East in World Politics

6. Introduction to Political Analysis

7. Introduction to Nigerian Local Government

8. Race and Ethnicity in World Politics

9. Comparative Public Administration

10. Organization of Government


Associate Member CIPMN

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