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I am Dr  Aduloju  Kelvin  Alaba a Lecturer from Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti currently serving as a  Senior Lecturer on sabbatical leave  in Landmark University , Omu –Aran  . Born on    31st  March, 1964 at Are –Ekiti in Irepodun-Ifelodun  local Government area in  Ekiti State and   Married with two Children.

 I had my W.A.S. C. May/June  from Christs School,  Ado- Ekiti , Ekiti State in 1983,  B.Sc . 2nd Class  Hons . (Upper Division) degree in Physics & Engineering Physics   from Ondo  state University, Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria in August, 1988 and in Solid  State Physics,  from Obafemi  Awolowo University, Ile- Ife  on July, 1999 and Ph.D  Applied Physics from University of Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria in December, 2010.                                                                        

In the course of attaining my present status, I  have served as Ag.  Head , Department of Physics,  Ekiti State University,  August  2013  –  July  2015 ,Member, University SENATE August 2013  –  August 2015,  SENATE representative on  Ceremonies Committee August 2014  up-to-date, University                       

Representative  at the 2nd NUC- Nigeria University  Commission Exhibition and Research Fair , Abuja.   November 2006  just to mention a few.

I am a member of the following  professional Bodies; African Network for Solar Energy (ansole), c/o linz institute for Organic Solar Cells,  Altenbergerstr. 69,  4040 linz,  Austria,  Materials  Society of Nigeria and  Nigeria Institute of Physics. I have published 22 articles in both reputable local and international journals.

. Articles In Reputable Journals.

[8]. Shitta M.B.O , Faweya E.B and Aduloju K.A. [2008]. Ohmic dielectric properties of fish scale. International Journal of Physical Sciences .Vol.3, No1, 7-11 . Pan-African Journal Series .(Ghana).

[9]. M.B.O Shitta, A.K Aladenika and K.A Aduloju . [2009]. Pack nitriding of Aluminium using Cassava waste. Jounal of the Nigeria Association of Mathematical Physics. Vol. 15, 277-280. ( Nigeria).

[10]. K.A Aduloju and I.A Mukolu . [2009]. Optical absorption and transmission in CuZnS Alloys. Global Journal of applied sciences. Vol. I5 , No. 3 &4, 421-425. ( Nigeria).

[11]. N.O Nwadibai, E.I Ugwu and K.A Aduloju. [2010]. Theoretical analysis of the influence of the thermal diffusivity of Clay soil on the thermal energy distribution in Clay soil of Abakaliki, Nigeria. Research Journal of Applied Science, Engineering and Technology ,vol. 2, issue 3, 216-221.( USA)

[12]. Kelvin Alaba Aduloju, Mohamed Basiru Shitta and Simiyu Justus .[2011]. Effect of extracting solvents on the stability and performances of dye-sensitized solar cell prepared using extract from lawsonia inermis. Fundamental J. Modern Physics, vol. 1, issue 2, 261-268.(USA)

[13] Kelvin Alaba Aduloju . [2011]. khaya senegalensis and solanum melongena linn. as natural sensitizers for dye-sensitized solar cells. Scholars Research Library ; Archives of Applied Science Research, vol. 3 , issue 6, 61-67 .(USA)

[14]. Kelvin Alaba Aduloju and Febian Ezema. [2011]. Effect of natural dye extracting temperature on the performances of dye sensitized solar cells using petrocarpus erinaceus . Scholars Research Library ; Archives of Applied Science Research, vol. 2 , issue 3, 191-196. .(USA)

[15]. Kelvin Alaba Aduloju . [2012]. Safety assessment of Cola nitida extract as sensitizer in dye sensitized solar cell. Scholars Research Library; Archives of Applied Science Research, vol.4 , issue 1 , 32-38. .(USA)

[16]. Kelvin Alaba Aduloju and Mohamed Basiru Shitta [2012]. Dye sensitized solar cell using natural dyes extracted from red leaf onion. International Journal of Physical Sciences Vol. 7, issue 5, 709 - 712, (India).

[17]. Kelvin Alaba Aduloju . [2012]. Utilization of Natural Morinda lucida as photosensitizers for dyesensitized solar cell. Scholars Research Library ; Archives of Applied Science Research, vol. 4 , issue 2 , 419-425. .(USA)

[18]. Kelvin Alaba Aduloju Mohamed Basiru Shitta and Aladesuyi Aladenika .[2012]. Characteristics of dye sensitized solar cells using Mucuna flagellipse and zeamaize comb natural dyes, . Fundamental J. Modern Physics, Vol. 2 .Issue 1, 7-13 ( India).

[19]. Fatigun A. T , Faweya E. B, Aduloju K. A. and Falaiye O. A . [2013]. Experimental investigations of effects of geometric curvature on the performance of a line focus concentrating collectors. Scholars Research Library ; Archives of Physics Research, , 4 (2):4-13 (USA).

[20]. Aduloju K. A. [2014] . Sensitization of photoelectrochemical solar cells with a natural dye extracted from Cocos nucifera L .: Arecaceae fiber . Scholars Research Library ; Archives of Applied Science Research, , 6 (4):15-20 . (USA).

[21] . Aduloju K. A, Fatigun A. T and Ewumi T. O. [2014] . Improvement on the performances of natural dye sensitized solar cell. I. Scholars Research Library; Archives of Applied Science Research, , 6 (2): 1-4. (USA).

To be updated later

PHY 121, 222, 129, 226

Academics & Professional Qualifications with Dates

a. Primary School Leaving Certificate 1977

b. West Africa School Certificate 1983

c. Bachelor Of Science(B. Sc) Physics & Engineering Physics 1988

d. Master Of Science( M.Sc) Solid State Physics (Experimental)1999

e. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Solid State Physics (Dye sensitized Solar cell) 2010

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