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Department of Animal Science


I hold Ph.D in Animal Science from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. 

Adejumo I. O., Ologhobo A. D. and Babalola T. O. (2015). Effect of pre-planting seed dressers on serum enzymes of laying chickens. American Chemical Science Journal, 9(2):1-5, DOI: 10.9734/ACSJ/2015/19687

Adejumo I. O. and Ologhobo A. D. (2015).  Effect of insecticide-treated maize on heart and liver histology of laying chickens. Journal of Biology and Nature, 3(1):21-25

Adejumo I. O., Ologhobo A. D. and Alabi O. O. (2015). Haematological response and egg production of chickens fed with diets containing insecticide-treated maize. Journal of Advances in Food Science & Technology, 2(1):24-28

Babalola T. O., Apata D. F., Adejumo I. O. and Bolu S. A. (2015). Vegetable oil blends as fish oil alternatives in the diets of heterobranchus longifilis fingerlings. Journal of Scientific Research & Reports, 7(1):67-74, DOI: 10.9734/JSRR/2015/1659

Ologhobo A. D. and Adejumo I. O. (2015). Haematological response and serum biochemical profile of broiler finishers fed with oxytetracycline and stonebreaker (Phyllanthus amarus) leaf meal. British Biotechnology Journal, 7(1):51-56, DOI: 109734/BBJ/2015/10304

Ologhobo A. D., Adighibe L. C., O. O. Adeleye and Adejumo I. O. (2015). Impact of Sacchromyce cerevisiae (yeast) supplementation in varied cereal-based broiler starter diets on gut microflora and morphology. Journal of Scientific Research & Reports, 6(1): 73-81, DOI: 10.9734/JSRR/2015/15810

Adeniji O. A., Ologhobo A. D., Adebiyi O. A. and Adejumo I. O. (2015). Effect of methionine and organic acid on apparent nutrient utilization and gut morphology of broiler chicken. Advances in Research, 4(2):87-93, DOI: 10.9734/AIR/2015/13840

Ologhobo A. D., Adeniji O. A., Adejumo I. O. and Adeleye O. O. (2015). Effect of sulphur-based amino acids with or without formic acid on performance and microbial load of broiler chickens. British Microbiology Research Journal, 5(4):332-338, DOI: 10.9734/BMRJ/2015/13841

ANS 212: Introduction to Agricultural Biochemistry

ANS 221: Introduction to Animal production

ANS 223: Food Science and Technology

AEC 313: Application of Computer to Agricultural Sciences

ANS 322: Principles of Animal Nutrition

ANS 511: Experimentation and Research Methodology

ANS 522: Monagstric Animal Nutrition

ANS 529: Livestock Extension

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