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Physical Sciences (Physics)


Adebiyi, S. J. is currently a lecturer of Physics in the Department of Physical Sciences, Landmark University, Omu-Aran, Kwara State. He holds a National Diploma in Electrical/Electronic Engineering (Distinction) from Yaba College of Technology, Yaba, Lagos, a B. Sc (Ed) degree in Physics (Second Class Upper), a Master degree (Distinction) and a Ph.D degree in Physics, with option in Space Physics and Radio Propagation Communication Physics, from the University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. His areas of research include: Solar Terrestrial interactions, Sun and solar wind, Space Plasma Physics and Plasma Kinetic, Magnetospheric Physics, Geomagnetism, Magnetic reconnection, Magnetohydrodynamics, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Space weather effects on the operations of Satellite-based communication and navigation systems. He has published over 10 scientific papers in high-impact journals. He is also a reviewer to some of these journals.

He served in the public sector between the years 2000 to 2010 with the Nigerian Telecommunications Limited (NITEL) and was trained as an External Line Plant Engineer at the Engineering and Technical Training Center, Cappa, Oshodi, Lagos. He had worked in the Access Network Department at Ikeja, Agege, Isolo, Epe and Ikorodu Telephone Exchange Areas in Lagos.


ADEBIYI, S. J., Adimula, I. A., Oladipo, O. A., (2015). Investigation on mid-latitude stations to storm-time variations of GPS-TEC. Advances in Space Research 55, 1339 – 1348. by ELSEVIER)

 Joshua, B. W., Adeniyi, J. O.,  Reinisch, B. W.,  Adimula, I. A., Olawepo, A. O., Oladipo, O. A., ADEBIYI, S. J., (2014). The response of the ionosphere over Ilorin to some geomagnetic storms. Advances in Space Research, 54, 2224–2235. (Published by ELSEVIER)

 ADEBIYI S.J., O. O. Odeyemi, I.A. Adimula, O.A. Oladipo, S.O. Ikubanni, B.O. Adebesin, and B. Joshua (2014). GPS derived TEC and foF2 variability over an equatorial station and the performance of IRI model. Advances in Space Research, (Published by ELSEVIER)

Adebesin, B.O., Adekoya, B.J., Ikubanni, S.O., ADEBIYI, S.J. Adebesin, O.A. Joshua, B.W., Olonade, K.O., (2014). Ionospheric foF2 morphology and response of F2 layer height over Jicamarca during different solar epochs and comparison with IRI-2012 model, Journal of Earth System Science, 123,751 – 765. (Published by SPRINGER)

ADEBIYI, S.J., I.A. Adimula, O.A. Oladipo, B.W. Joshua, B.O Adebesin, and S.O. Ikubanni (2014), Ionospheric response to a magnetic activity at low and mid-latitude stations, Acta Geophysica,62 (4), 973 – 989. doi: 10.2478/s11600-014-0205-x (Published by DE-GRUTER)

ADEBIYI S.J., Adimula, I.A., Oladipo, O.A., (2014). Seasonal variations of GPS derived TEC at three different latitudes of the southern hemisphere during geomagnetic storms. Advances in Space Research, 53, 1246 – 1254. doi: (Published by ELSEVIER)

Joshua, B.W., J.O. Adeniyi, I.A. Adimula, O.A. Oladipo , O.A. Olawepo, S.J. ADEBIYI (2014). Ionospheric response to the storm-time disturbance of 29 May, 2010. Advances in Space Research 53, 219–225, (Published by ELSEVIER)

Adebesin, B.O., Ikubanni, S.O., ADEBIYI, S.J., Joshua, B.W., (2013). Multi-station observation of ionosphere magnetic disturbance of march 9, 2012 and comparism with IRI-model. Advances in Space Research, 52(4), 604-613. (Published by ELSEVIER)

Ikubanni S.O., B.O. Adebesin, S.J. ADEBIYI and J.O. Adeniyi (2013), Relationship between the F2-Layer critical frequency and some solar activity indices during different solar epochs. Indian Journal of Radio and Space Science, 42, 73–81.



ADEBIYI, S. J., Adimula, I. A., Oladipo, O. A., 2016. Characterisation of GPS-TEC in the African equatorial and low latitude region and the regional evaluation of the IRI model. Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, 143-144, 53-70. (Published by: ELSEVIER Ltd, UK).

 Adimula, I.A., Oladipo, O.A., ADEBIYI, S.J., (2016). Latitudinal and seasonal investigations of  storm time variations of TEC. Journal of Pure and Applied Geophysics. DOI:10.1007/s00024-016-1291-2 (Published by: SPRINGER).

PHY 412 – Mathematical Methods in Physics III

PHY 317 – Electronics II

PHY 332 – Mathematical Methods in Physics II

PHY 331 – Digital Electronics and Telecommunication

PHY 216 – Mathematical Methods in Physics I

PHY 231 – Electronics I

PHY 221 – Electrical Circuit Theory I

PHY 218 and 228 – Practical Physics IIA and II

PHY 119 and 129 – Practical Physics IA and IB

PHY 122 – Atomic and Nuclear Physics

PHY 112 – Heat, Sound and Optics

PHY 121 – Electricity and Magnetism



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