Waste generation among humans is a daily affair and its management has become a recurrent challenge. Today nations of the world are faced with the challenge of making the industrial economy more like the biosphere, to save energy, reduce waste and pollution, most importantly reduce costs of production. Looking at this dichotomies holistically, the Management led by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Adeniyi Olayanju has sort the partnership of Doligeri Biosystem Limited on Waste to Wealth Initiatives for Environmental Sustainability, Electricity Generation and Massive Internal Revenues Generation (IGR).

Professor Adeniyi Olayanju while receiving the CEO of Doligeri Biosystem Limited, Mr. Olalekan Dolapo noted that Landmark University Management is tenacious in tackling the challenge of power on campus, looking at the huge amount expended on electricity consumption each month. He described the trend as worrisome which calls for urgent review and prompt solution in respect to power generation alternatives with minimal cost implication.  “As a team of responsible stewards, we are poised to cut overhead cost of our operations and boost our internally Generated Revenue capacity. We have tinkered with solar energy technology in some quarters and improved on our internal control mechanism to achieve our laudable objectives.”

He further averred that waste conversion, be it liquid or solid to wealth is most desirable in such time as this, more so in an agrarian and academic setting like Landmark University, where agricultural and domestic waste abound. Concerning the readiness of the University to engage in this meaningful enterprise, Professor Olayanju said that the intellectual architecture of the Institution is receptive to partnership with industry for knowledge exchange that will yield better results for the good of the society at large. “Although we are used to utilizing wastes from our Farms as manure and fertilizer to enhance productivity and cut cost to a certain level. We are curious to access the next level by exploring biogas technology on account of its far-reaching benefit and our resolve to proffer solutions to indigenous challenges, as we strive to continuously align with the global trend in driving sustainable development.”

During his presentation on Waste to Wealth Initiatives for Environmental Sustainability, Electricity Generation and Massive Internal Revenues Generation, the CEO of Doligeri Biosystem Limited, Mr. Olalekan Dolapo noted that his organization has made some interventions in waste management with a view of generating income from the process, or using the intervention to save money that would hitherto be spent on energy or soil nourishment. Some laudable initiatives of organization include domestic digesters for home use and homestead poultry farms, root sewage treatment for nontoxic liquid farm and home wastes, commercial and industrial digesters for large scale waste processing, with Crown feeds and Hatcheries, Issele Ukwu Junction, Delta State (250KVA) and Premium Poultry Farms, Abuja, generating 350kva from our organic biogas plant.  “The most profitable way of cleaning waste water, especially agricultural and domestic waste, is to use it to grow vegetables, in a soilless environment, while the roots of the crops clean and oxygenates the water for onward transfer back to the pond, or house. The vegetables sales will be the extra money earner for the process it eliminates the use of fertilizers, and reduces, if not eliminate, the rate of change of water from the ponds.” 

He added that, although Landmark University has one of the most robust waste collection and disposal systems in the country, the problem of effective management of degenerative organic waste should be addressed to accommodate the new initiative his organization is bringing on board to the institution. 

This initiative would enhance sustainability whereby increasing internally generated revenue and cost recovery on energy will occur. The most realistic solution to sustainable environmental development in the country is to ensure that our resources including waste which offer the most environmental and economic gain without compromising the ability of future generations are optimally utilized.




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