On January 7, 8 and 9, 2023, students who had been away for the 2022 Christmas and New Year holidays returned to the Landmark University campus. The Management, under the direction of Vice-Chancellor Professor Charity Aremu, put in place an improved framework to guarantee a secure and smooth reception for the students to be settled for academic activities. 

The Vice-Chancellor spoke about the procedure and expressed his tremendous happiness at the number of students who were coming back to campus. She remarked that it was heartwarming to see the excitement of faculty, staff, parents and all stakeholders, as regards the seamless resumption protocols, adding that in the multitude of people is the king's honour. The Vice-Chancellor further mentioned that the resuming protocol represented a paradigm shift, particularly in comparison to the COVID-19 pandemic period, which informed how students were received at the university gate. She claimed that management will constantly work with its think tank to enhance the convenience of its student resumption protocol. She claimed that the institution's top priority when preparing for the resumption of these students was to minimize the number of disciplinary proceedings linked to their use of contrabands. As a result, she voiced confidence in the system's ability to achieve great success.

Corroborating the Vice-Chancellor, the Registrar, Mr Olushola Oyinloye, asserted that the network of activities was hitch-free, noting the impact of the improvement on students’ resumption modalities. Mr Oyinloye explained that the choice of the multipurpose hall as the reception point made the process the most convivial and desirable by the students and their parents especially those who were coming for the first time to experience the amazing Landmark University campus. He concluded by thanking God for the success of the process.

Also speaking, the Dean of Students, Dr Razaq Animashaun appreciated the management of the University for the review of the resumption process, noting that it was a step in the right direction towards the satisfaction of both the students and their parents. 

Some of the students who shared their views on the process applauded the school management for the recent change, which they claimed had brought the procedure more order. They said they were not surprised at the new process because the school is bound to always break new ground.  

Moreover, some parents who experienced the previous students’ resumption procedure applauded the management for handling it differently, reassuring them that the University prioritizes its customers. Others who had never before interacted with the University gave their perspectives on the institution and its processes. Mr Solomon Moses whose son just got admitted into the University for Mechatronics Engineering commended the management on the rules and regulations put in place to facilitate a beautiful and unpolluted campus conducive for learning. Mr Richard Ajibare noted his confidence in the University not to mismanage its students with the level of improvement in the reception process, but to produce graduates that would be catalysts for the desired change in the nation amid prevalent decadence. He, therefore, advised students to endeavour to be guided by the rules and regulations of the school which he said were to assist them in their becoming better individuals and good ambassadors of the institution.   

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The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Aremu and the Registrar, Mr Oyinloye at the reception venue

C:\Users\USER\Desktop\Students Resumption on 7th January, 2023\IMG_1870.JPG

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Aremu, flanked by the Registrar, Mr Oyinloye (L), the DFS, Mr Christopher Fatiregun (2nd R) and the DPPD, Engr Oluwafemi Daodu (1st R) at the reception venue.

C:\Users\USER\Desktop\Students Resumption on 7th January, 2023\IMG_1926.JPG

Mr Solomon Moses, a parent appreciating the seamless resumption protocols, that accommodated parents, as well as its life-modelling rules and regulations during students' resumption

C:\Users\USER\Desktop\Students Resumption on 7th January, 2023\IMG_1951.JPG

Mr Richard Ajibare, a parent expressing confidence in the Landmark University education system during students’ resumption

 C:\Users\USER\Desktop\Students Resumption on 7th January, 2023\IMG_1944.JPG

Victor Ezedigbo, 500-level ABE student, commending the resumption process 

C:\Users\USER\Desktop\Students Resumption on 7th January, 2023\IMG_1958.JPG

Rhoda Elakhe, 300-level Electrical and Information Engineering student applauding management for making the resumption process more seamless

C:\Users\USER\Desktop\Students Resumption on 7th January, 2023\IMG_1961.JPG

Oluwafunmise Akinlusi, 100-level Biochemistry student, expressing joy over her return to the amazing Landmark University campus life. 

C:\Users\USER\Desktop\Students Resumption on 7th January, 2023\IMG_1851.JPG

Students’ luggage awaiting resumption team checking and clearance 

C:\Users\USER\Desktop\Students Resumption on 7th January, 2023\IMG_1854.JPGC:\Users\USER\Desktop\Students Resumption on 7th January, 2023\IMG_1855.JPG

Parents observing the resumption process while the students are awaiting clearance at resumption.

C:\Users\USER\Desktop\Students Resumption on 7th January, 2023\IMG_1964.JPG 

Female students’ luggage checkpoints at resumption

C:\Users\USER\Desktop\Students Resumption on 7th January, 2023\IMG_1877.JPG

Male students’ luggage checkpoints at resumption




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