The Landmark University community converged on the International Conference Centre for the 2-day 2017/2018 Executive Advance for Faculty and Staff, themed “The 8 Ms of Management: A Necessary Composite towards Actualizing LMU Agrarian Revolution” between Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd August, 2017.

The Executive Advance has over the years served as a viable platform for reinvigorating faculty and staff of the University ahead of a new academic session. Setting the pathway for an agrarian revolution, the 8 Ms were given expression and clarity within the ambit of the vision and mission of the University. 

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Adeniyi Olayanju, set the tone in his opening remarks, that the University had employed the SWOT analysis i.e. (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) to chart the direction for her seventh (7th) year and had arrived at adopting agricultural mechanization as the next phase of her visionary advancement. He, therefore, kick-started the series of presentations, addressing the LMU’s 8 Ms of Management which are mechanization, manpower, material, mobilization, methods, maintenance, measurement, and monetary. In his presentation titled, “Agricultural Mechanization: An Indispensable Driver of LMU Agrarian Revolution,” Professor Olayanju observed that Mechanization has three (3) components namely Man, Material and Machine which has now metamorphosed into eight (8) Ms for the purpose of driving the vision of the University. He posited that vision is the capacity to see ahead, which is an indication of where one is going. The Vice-Chancellor itemized four (4) variables and one (1) constant in the vision of the University which are leading world class University, spearheading an Agrarian Revolution, impact on the African continent, hidden treasures in the mother-earth with an end result of restoring the dignity of the Black Race. He however proposed Smart Agricultural Practices (SAP), which empowers faculty, staff and students for smart agricultural solutions deployed through mechanization. He noted that the approach must be kept simple (using the KISS approach), as there is more than one way to do it (TIMTOWTDI). To further credit his proposition, particularly noting that it is result-oriented, Professor Olayanju displayed the various farm machines he has been privileged to work on in the past such as Fabricated Oil Expeller, Ofada Rice Processing Plant, Improved Cassava Processing Plant, Gratification using the developed Fryer, Cassava Pelletizer & Dryer in Collaboration with various government agencies like NCAM, FCA, IITA, FIIRO etc. which has won him national accolades and grants. He therefore emphasized the need for the University to spearhead the Agrarian Revolution by product development.

The Registrar, Dr Azubuike Ezenwoke made the 2nd presentation on “Manpower Management: An Essential Factor in Driving LMU Agrarian Revolution.” Dr. Ezenwoke pointed out clearly that the achievement of any staff’s goal must go hand-in-hand with the vision of the University. He also reiterated that the University is spearheading an agrarian revolution to inspire other sectors of the nation. While noting the historical trends of agrarian revolutions world over which were spearheaded by academics, he pointed out that Landmark University’s revolution started since 2011 and it is continuous. Therefore, “We must have a sense of urgency of the vision because urgency is energy.” Citing the converse of Proverbs 29:18, he said “where there are no people, the vision lacks expression.” Using the 5Ws and 1H model, that is (where, why, when, what, who and how?), he painted the compelling shared picture of the University’s visionary drive and situated the key role of people, that is all faculty and staff, in driving the vision of Landmark University. He further highlighted the visionary expectations from staff (academic and non-academic staff). The non-academic staff are required to be very effective in the provision of required support in the running of the University, talking about efficiency in operations, management of resources to curtail waste, managing official information and exploring the use of technology in the administrative processes of the University. The academic staff on the other hand have the responsibility of teaching and research to equip the next generation of leaders towards embracing the agrarian revolution drive. He enjoined staff of the University to reciprocate the effort of the Board of Regents via continuous self-improvement, alignment with the core-values and LMU brand representation. He therefore beckoned on members of the University community to make tangible contributions to Landmark University for posterity’s sake.

Presentations on the other Ms of Management for actualizing the LMU agrarian vision at the 2017/2018 Executive Advance were espoused by the Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences – “Soil, Crop and Animal: A Set of Crucial Material for Driving the LMU Agrarian Mandate”; the Director, IPTTO, Professor L. O. Adekoya – “Mobilization of the IPTTO: A tool in realizing product-oriented vision of Landmark University”; the Chair, Strategic Planning Committee, Professor R. D. Olarinoye – “Methods of Progressive Implementation and Performance Evaluation of Landmark University (LMU) Strategic Plan”; the Director, Physical Planning and Development, Arch. Ope Sina-Olulana – “Facility Maintenance: A Critical Culture for Realization of LMU In attaining world class status”; the Guest Presenter from the Federal Institute of Industrial Research, Oshodi (FIIRO), Dr Bola Asiru – “Measurement of Agricultural Production and Product Development: A Sine qua non for LMU Vision”; the Director, Financial Services, Pastor Federick Aghahuwa – “Efficient Monetary Disbursement: A Requirement in Actualizing LMU Vision”; and Prof. Ademuyiwa Oladipo – “Interaction Between Man, Material, Machine in Agrarian Revolution: Health Consideration of an Unavoidable Frienemy”.

The 2017/2018 Executive Advance ended on a monumental note as faculty and staff expressed satisfaction in the stimulating effect of the event.


The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Adeniyi Olayanju (Centre) leading other facilitators in a group photograph at the end of the programme

The Guest Lecturer, Dr. Bola Asiru from the Federal Institute of Industrial Research, Oshodi (FIIRO), delivering his lecture at the programme

A cross section of Faculty and Staff at the 2017/2018 Executive Advance Programme

The Registrar, Dr. Azubuike Ezenwoke discussing the ‘Manpower’ component in the 8 Ms of Management




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