“You can never be a solution provider if you don’t think. Thinkers of all ages are solution bearers. There are many readers but few thinkers. Unfortunately, only 5 per cent think, 25 per cent think they think while 75 per cent will rather die than think. Divers opportunities abound in the nation but only thinkers can access them. Thinking is the raw material for wisdom, only thinkers manifest wisdom. So, it is time to stop and think. You cannot change time and season. You cannot be youth twice. Life is an adventure of time and season.” These were the reverberating nuggets of the Chancellor, Dr. David Oyedepo to the University community as Landmark celebrated 8th Founder’s Day on Thursday 21st March, 2019. Dr Oyedepo’s visionary and inspirational leadership, as endowed by God, has been the stimulating force for the University’s new groundbreaking achievements since inception. The “Stop and Think” charge was a great deal apt for the 8th anniversary, signifying new beginning in the scriptural sense. 

Speaking to the student population in particular, Dr Oyedepo enthused that they are in their planting season as youths, saying anyone who failed to plant would reap nothing later in life. He admonished that a foundation laid in Christ is eternal as it would speak all the days of their lives. “This is your planting season, never joke with it. I stated hearing God at 22. I started building my library from 20. I turned 50 years in the faith last month. You cannot afford to miss God at this stage of your life, if God is rightful placed at this stage of your life, you won’t run helter-skelter later in life. Give Jesus His rightful place and you won’t regret it,” he admonished. While establishing that sound mind is one of the benefits of redemption, quoting 1 Corinthians 2:6; 2 Timothy 1:7; 2 Peter 3:15. Dr Oyedepo reassured them that redemption does not suspend believers’ thinking faculty but fosters sound mind. He gave the example of Jesus, saying that he demonstrated unparalleled wisdom in his lifetime. “You cannot ask any question further after Jesus answered you. He is very sound.” According to him, thinking takes one to the realm of exploits like Jesus. He disclosed that the application of the truth of Scriptures available through thinking in line with the Scripture being read is what brings about ultimate exploits (Joshua 1:8 and 1 Timothy 4:15). He therefore noted that anyone who would do command exploits must be diligent and self-disciplined. Citing Proverbs 22:29 and Genesis 18:25 respectively. 

In the same vein, the Chancellor, alluding the biblical prodigal son, cautioned that achievements are non-transferrable, noting that anyone who invest in his youth has the propensity to surpass the achievements of his forebears. “This is my founder’s day anniversary gift for you. Go and start with God. Start to think. Go and embark on a think-read adventure. Think through what you read. To keep your system charged, you have to think by reasoning through the Bible and what you read (Psalms 119:97-100). If you will take this responsibility, you will be wiser than your contemporaries.

“Honour your parents. Never stand up to them. Respect your teachers. Honour them if you want to be great. We are Christ-cultured people, disciplined people. Receive grace to think your way back on track and stay on track,” he concluded.

Multitudes of students yielded the altar call to start new lives in Christ before the celebration of God’s faithfulness in songs of praise and dance that capped the event




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