The Chancellor and Chairman, Board of Regents, Landmark University Dr. David Oyedepo, has called for the adoption of innovative education system to tackle the nation’s socio-economic challenges. He made the call while addressing the gathering at the 5th Convocation ceremony of the University, in his speech titled: “Defining Destiny by Taking Responsibility.” He reiterated that Nigeria’s socio-economic and security challenges are surmountable through stakeholder’s responsibility. He expressed the need for youth of the nation to be groomed through innovative education system to be able to assume responsibility in tackling the nation’s challenges as future leaders. 

According to him, “nothing defines destiny as the action of taking personal responsibility, it is not capacity that defines impact, but capacity utilization.” Dr. Oyedepo boasted that the institution’s students upon graduation possessed the prerequisite entrepreneurial and life applicable education through its well-tailored curriculum and academic base. “This has clearly sets them out to be solution providers and in restoring the dignity of the black man in line with the university’s motor - Breaking new Grounds. By way of situating the relevance of University Education, particularly in addressing the issues of the day. I have come to the conclusion that universities do not exist to teach and graduate students, but rather to serve as a preparatory ground for raising students to take responsibility. This they do as they engage with the issues in the real life context upon graduation” Dr. Oyedepo added.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Adeniyi Olayanju, while giving his welcome speech, reiterated the institution’s efforts in advancing the frontiers of research activities in boosting agricultural value chain.  This, he noted, would engender the much needed food sufficiency in the country and the Africa as a whole. “We are poised to move Landmark University to a higher level through positive policy initiatives and unrelenting commitment to value addition and global competitiveness. With the breath-taking infrastructural development programmes supportive of teaching and learning, the university is set to enlarge her coast by introducing more undergraduate programmes and commencement of postgraduate programmes,” he said. He, therefore, beckon on parents  to come and have landmark experience by enrolling their wards in Landmark University where cost-effective leadership training, along with cutting-edge research engagement and Christian ethos are guaranteed.

While delivering the Keynote Address titled, “Restructuring Curriculum and Content Delivery in Higher Education for National Economic and Development,” Professor Israel Adu, had observed that a good content delivery was a critical key to effective implementation of a curriculum that can give knowledge and attitude. Professor Adu, a professor of Animal Science and current President Nigerian Institute of Animal Science, maintained that since societal growth dynamic, the curriculum review must also be dynamic to adequately respond to the emerging needs of the society. “A good curriculum should emphasize the depth of understanding over a breadth of coverage by providing learners the opportunity to practise or demonstrate what is learnt in a variety of contexts. Teachers/Lecturers have critical roles in the effective delivery of Curriculum Content. Curriculum Content concerns the facts, principles and concepts to be taught. A good content delivery is a panacea for the effective implementation of a curriculum for learning to give knowledge, skill and altitude to the learner,” he said.

A total of 405 students graduated from the institution’s three colleges (Agricultural Sciences, Science & Engineering, and Business & Social Sciences) for the 2017/2018 session with 38 of them in the first class degree category.  King Adeyemo Gabriel Olawale emerged the Best Graduating student from the Department of Computer Science with a CGPA of 4.96.




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