March 8th worldwide has been significant, historic and memorable since 1911 when the first ever International Women’s Day was celebrated. It has been set aside as a day to celebrate Women’s economic, political and social achievements all over the world regardless of their diverse cultures and political views. Women are not just part of the world, they are central to its rhythmic social order. Looking back in retrospect, they have been seen in the last century as social, political, cultural, and corporate activists using their solidarity mechanism to chart the women's cause in the world, especially in the areas of human trafficking, girl-child education, domestic violence, gender equality amongst other things. In most recent time, there has been much emphasis on the realization of the women agenda with the 2016 theme of Gender Equality envisioned for 2030. This is consolidating the 1995 Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action and the 2014 session on the status of women, and by extension the Millennium Development Goals. The event which started in Europe in the early 20th century still holds strong to its political and social awareness of the struggles of women worldwide in the midst of celebration with the hopes of liberation.

We at Landmark University under the leadership of our amiable Vice-Chancellor, Professor Aize Obayan, therefore, join the whole world to mark the 105th Anniversary of the International Women’s Day and express our solidarity with this year’s vision which has already found a place in our operations. Landmark University is not gender bias; it is a University where all humans have equal rights to be humans whether student, faculty, staff or management. This commitment has produced many dutiful and vivacious women in their various capacities in the University. For instance, Professor Aize Obayan’s result-oriented management acumen justifies the emerging confidence and trust the society reposes in women in leadership. The award winning Vice-Chancellor advocated fairness and merit in the process of elevation of women into leadership position. She opined that the nurturing of natural endowment in women is largely responsible for the success of women in leadership. This is what has been brought to bear on their managerial skills which enable them to see all sides of the equation. She said, “when you see organizations being led by women, they tend to thrive because of the skills that are naturally evident in what a woman does on day-to-day basis”. Without overlooking the fundamental role of the man, she emphasized that leadership is not an exclusive right of men but a position attainable based on excellence which is a trait in both man and woman. Apart from some cultural factors that might militate against the female career prospect, the Vice-Chancellor said that she never had any visible or major obstacle on her way to attaining the great height as a woman in leadership position and the minor challenges encountered were successfully surmounted at each point of her academic and administrative careers. She therefore advised young women and girls to pursue their academic and career ambitions with vigour and determination to be the best.

In the mood of celebration, Professor Charity Aremu, Dr (Mrs) Rachael Adebayo, and Mrs Felicia Yusuf affirmed that the celebration is needful as women’s contributions to the homes as well as the societies cannot be overemphasized. Mrs Felicia Yusuf described the women as special breed while Professor Aremu extolled the enterprising quality and multitasking nature of women. According to Dr (Mrs) Esther Fabiyi, about 70% of the rural women are involved in agriculture because they want to make sure their families are not hungry. On the other hand, the urban women, directly or indirectly are also involved in agribusiness as they engage in marketing the produce in their domain. However, Drs (Mrs) Elizabeth Oloni decried the number of women in Economics in Africa. She remarked that a big vacuum is needed to be filled by women in the field, thereby calling on the young women to embrace a career in Economics. Furthermore, a sociologist, Dr (Mrs) Ekundayo Babatunde could not hide her glee at the percentage of women emancipation recorded in all spheres of human endeavour today. She believes the revolution is timely as it has taken the women’s position from the background to the limelight. From her liberal feminist point of view, she said that equity can be achieved if not equality, and hoped that with the level of women involvements in social reengineering, the Nigeria nation will produce a female president soonest.

Speaking with the representative of the students, Adeyemi Opeolu, the Vice-Chairperson (Female) of the LMU student council, who is a 400 level student of Economics, sees the Landmark University as an institution that gives everyone the opportunity and equal right to flourish. Since there is an inherent ability in every woman, the female students are therefore seen holding leadership positions in their classes, departments, colleges and the school in general. Apart from that, the female students now compete favourably and comfortably with their male counterparts and they are now taking the first positions in academics. She then commended the leadership of the Vice-Chancellor which has brought a remarkable development within a short period especially in terms of enhancing management-student relations in the University. Another student leader, Ogobor Efe, a 400 level Accounting student who is the Chief Editor of NUASA also testified to the reality of gender balance in the University as she readily commended the level of female representation at the student, faculty, staff and management levels.

Mrs Ngozi Osueke, the Head of Corporate and Public Affairs Unit made a justification for the celebration of the International Women’s Day. She said, “It is more or less the celebration of the women who emancipated others.” She said that the idea of the celebration was fashioned out of the need to further pursue the common aim of women world over. It is expedient to encourage women and girls achieve their ambitions, noting the duty of women which is a service to humanity. On behalf of the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Aize Obayan, once again, here is Landmark University’s wish to every woman - Happy 105th International Women’s Day Celebration!!!




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