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SAN Conference Communique




The 47th Annual Conference of the Science Association of Nigeria (SAN) held in Landmark University (LMU), Omu-Aran from Sunday 26th – Thursday 30th August, 2012. The conference tagged Omu-Aran 2012, has as its theme “the Role of Science & Technology in strategizing for Food Security”.

The opening ceremony was chaired by the Vice-Chancellor of Landmark University, Prof. Mathew Ola-Rotimi Ajayi. The keynote address was delivered by Dr. David Oyedepo, the Chancellor of Landmark University.

Over the years various strategies toward improving food production had been chorused by Science Association of Nigeria. During this period, there have been practical suggestions followed by positive solutions. To this extent, there has been positive encouragement in improving productive activity in the area of cassava, rice and yam production, to mention a few. In view of the fact that human population has never been static but has been in embarrassing surge, there is more demand for food security than is produced. This compels the need to learn new things from Scientist in and outside Nigeria to boost agricultural production for continuous sustainability of food security for ever intimidating rise in population figures there is also need, to enter into a multi-utilization phase of agricultural products not only to meet local needs but exportation countries in Africa where Nigeria is acclaimed as a giant.

There had always been challenges to Nigerian Scientists in proffering advancement to the different sectors of agricultural production. These and other evolving new challenges call for a re-strategizing to get armed for positive and imminent solutions. Some points of focus of such strategies and the recommended actions are as follows:-

  • Addressing the issue of change in weather vis-à-vis effects on crops, animals and humans.
  • Overhauling to create a need for stepped-up relevance of our Meteorological services
  • Academic juxtaposition of Science/ Engineering studies to agricultural production i.e. curriculum content development in our tertiary institutions must be sensitive to the need of the nation.
  • The need for public private partnership in primary supply of inputs, implements and tools to cooperating farmers.
  • Innovative/alternative agricultural implements relevant to our farmers’ financial status.
  • Adoptable use of biotechnology techniques for farming and farmers welfare.
  • Articulating considerably enduring solutions to farm produce through local use and for export.



SAN noted and commenced the current efforts of Federal Government towards ensuring stable power and energy supply. SAN believes that with proper management of available resources Nigeria can become self-sufficient in power generation which can bring back industrialization. The Federals Government is encouraged to continue its efforts in achieving security of lives and property for any concrete having harvest of the dividends of scientific research efforts.

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Prof. Adeniyi O. Togun      Dr. Adeniyi A. Ogunjobi    Prof. Stephen O. Owa
President (SAN).

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