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Strategies for Achieving the Objectives

Realizing the fact that education at the university level is critical to the development and deployment of the unique potentials in this country, Landmark University shall produce graduates that meet human resource needs of Nigeria

In order to achieve these objectives, the University will do the following:

  1. Provide excellent teaching and learning environment by facilitating the recruitment of a high proportion of leading scholars, enrollment of most brilliant students and facilitates conduct of advance research.
  2. Engage in rigorous training of the students and academic developments of the staff such that it will enable them realize their leadership potentials by discovering and developing and deploying their personality as well as their intellectual and character capacities.
  3. Take strategic advantage of the ICT edge in fashioning a cost efficient campus as it will be networked with an interactive portal system internet at every spot on campus. To this end it shall be mandatory for every member of staff and student to possess a computer as they will be assisted with Computer Acquisition advance in order to own one.
  4. Install, promote and sustain sound and transparent corporate governance environment, best management practices and leadership culture that encourage the attainment of strategic vision, innovation, and flexibility so that the institutions will be able to make decisions and manage her resources in an excellent manner and with minimum encumbrance
  5. Deliberately build the University into a learning and merit organization for employment and a transparent reward system for promotion for all cadres of staff
  6. Focus on the objective of developing the total man through practical knowledge and understanding of man’s spiritual, intellectual and physical endowment. Spiritually, students will be encouraged to know that they were made by God, and encouraged to reach out to fellow students in love for the purpose of giving value to their existence
  7. Build an exemplary learning environment by stimulating opportunities for creativity and innovativeness. The University will challenge students to think independently so that they can be useful to the immediate and remote communities in pre and post graduation life.
  8. Strive for a work environment in which people from every tribe and nation shall live together to accept the responsibility of contributing to the excellent attainment of the goals of the University. The physical development emphasis will seek to explore a culture and curriculum that enables the realization of potentials by making available healthy life-styles choices.
  9. Relate closely with the community around it in such a way as to improve skills, advance agricultural practice and experience, introduce them to appropriate technological orientation and empower them to be in control of their environment. This will be through its effort to build a culture of engaging the appropriate or specialized and mechanized method of production as a paradigm shift for the agrarian community.
  10. Careful selection of Technology and Engineering Courses that will guarantee technological independence through value-adding education, making possible the development of agro-allied industries benefitting immensely from knowledge creation focus of the university. The choice of the location is greatly influenced by the natural endowment of the area being able to draw from all parts of the federation for input and resources.
  11. Encourage and specially sponsor basic and applied research in order to build robust intellectual base for the professional courses and serve as the backbone of the knowledge creation goal of the university.
  12. Give immense academic and research grant support to academic staff for the purpose of generating the critical knowledge base for developing academic and professional programmes.
  13. Recruit Faculty and staff in accordance with the NUC’s laid down guidelines in respect of staff/student ratio, in terms of both quantity and quality. Already commitments to serve in the University are being obtained both from within and outside the country.
  14. Pursue an intensive staff development programme in order to stabilize its academic resource base and provide quality and sufficient hands for the purpose of teaching, research and community service.
  15. Enjoy rich financial support in her early years but shall be functionally brought into full financial autonomy by the 10th year.
  16. Ease movement of students and the academic community in general, through a mass transportation system. This is already operating between the town and the campus and shall be further expanded as may be required.
  17. Accommodate all undergraduate students of the University in the Halls of Residence in order to encourage study focus and promote dedication to learning.

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