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Landmark UniversityKnowing about us requires an understanding of when we started. Landmark University is a product of divine revelation. A proof of that is evident in the peaceful ambience around the campus characterised by a cool windy and friendly weather which supports the agrarian mission of the university; historical best time for ultra-modern infrastructure growth that rhymes and foster academic progressions in all disciplines, especially agriculture; and the inherent attractions of international best-rated scholars/academia who wield same visions and work in oneness toward its fruition.



Landmark University is fashioned to rank among world class Missionary Universities from where both administrative and academic operational concepts traditionally came. The adaption of these concepts to the peculiarity of
our indigenous educational context has stabilised academic process in the University, engenders a system that afford scholarship and scholastic opportunities to staff and student. Landmark University unlike most other Nigerian Universities has a proprietor base that is dedicated to the provision of full boarding facility for students and staff as
part of efforts to instil discipline, high moral standard, foster research and academic excellence.



The University academic programmes are meant to raise total graduates with sound professional expertise, spiritual, mental and entrepreneurial initiatives that will revolutionise the different sectors of our nation. At Landmark University, undergrad students are exposed to community services, entrepreneurial projects and industrial work experience programme to sharpen their basic skills. Our system allows for students’ talents to thrive through organised socio-cultural fora, variety nights, drama and notably effective communication in English language. Students are also encouraged to engage in writing for publication in our biannual magazine called THE PIONEERS. Also are exposed to competitive sports. We have a state of the art Medical edifice, World class Library, highly equipped engineering workshops and laboratories, sport complex, befitting staff accommodation and Halls of residence for students,  air-conditioned lecture theatres and all other facilities that make for world class learning, research and teaching.


Many of our students have benefited from scholarship awards from various organizations including oil producing companies like Shell Petroleum, Chevron and several bursary awards from State governments.



The Chancellor Dr. David Oyedepo envisioned a glorious destiny for every graduate of Landmark University and hence personally participates in the Chancellor’s Annual Induction Programmes for students, academic and non-academic staff of the University. Through his insightful teachings the University is daily inculcated with seven core values in the pursuit of the mandate of one of ten best Universities within the next ten years. To achieve this, the school operates a reward system that recognizes innovation, hard-work and scholarship, and contributions by students.


Parents have acknowledge positive changes in the academic, moral and spiritual lives of their children after spending time in Landmark University. In the words of Prof. Olajide Oladele, Dean, Faculty of Management Science, Ekiti State, University, “This (Landmark University) is the evidence of purposeful leadership. I can see order here. Everything is working”. We call on you to partner with us for a life transforming encounter.

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